(c) Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd 2015
(c) Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd 2015
Saddlers court mfg, fabrication centre, fabrication industry and building fabrication excellence into every product. Full scale fabrication service, serving the west midlands world. Fabrication specialists.
We offer Laser, plasma and gas cutting supported by bevelling, (chamfering), rolling, forming, bending, drilling, grinding & dressing. All the processes required to speed up the movement of parts throughout the manufacturing process. We carry an extensive range of material, from regular plate section to high yield steels which include Rolled Quenched & Tempered and Hardox. Having a constant supply of materials and the technology to quickly turn around a prototype or a modification, we offer the expertise and knowledge that can only benefit your business.
We have invested in a state-of-the-art CNC press from Pearson and can therefore shape material precisely and with computerised repeatability. We can handle short runs, complex parts and unwieldy, over-sized parts with a very short set-up time. It is fast and flexible and yet, accuracy , precision and repeatability are extremely important. This high level of part accuracy generated by the new press brake has allowed the company to rethink its manufacturing processes to streamline job flow and generate an even higher quality end-product.
CNC Brake Press
When used in conjunction with the very accurate CAD / CAM package from Procut, tight nestings are produced and the savings in material cost can be transferred to the customer as very cost-effective components. This CNC control allow speeds of up to 5000mm per minute (mmpm) to be achieved on thinner materials. These fast cutting speeds result in increased production, and once again, savings passed on to the customer. Our Plasma cutting systems can yield quality cuts on both ferrous and nonferrous metals. OXY-Fuel cutting can be used for a diverse range of applications from manual rough severing and scrap cutting to precision contour cutting in fully automated systems. Our new machine supplied by Techserv offers unparalleled precision for a gas cutting machine. With such precision machines, a clean edge with square edges means less reworking of the cut part and can even eliminate the need for any subsequent edge preparation in readiness for the fabrication stage. With precise speed and contouring control comes a very surprising high quality part.
Plasma / Oxy-Fuel Profiling
In all senses of the word, we employ cutting-edge technology, from ESPRIT AUTOMATION we have the very latest “Viper” Plasma Cutting Machine. This machine was especially commissioned for us to meet or exceed our exacting requirements, which allows us to optimise the cutting systems necessary to expedite our customers demands. This machine cuts thinner materials very accurately with a very small kerf, and thicker materials up to 35mm, maintaining very tight tolerances and reducing the need for further finishing operations.
Cutting Edge Technology
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