(c) Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd 2015
(c) Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd 2015
Saddlers court mfg, fabrication centre, fabrication industry and building fabrication excellence into every product. Full scale fabrication service, serving the west midlands world. Fabrication specialists.
Saddlers Court Mfg have been supplying production line machined components since 1997, to major OEMs and 1st tier suppliers to OEMs within the UK. Our extensive range of CNC machines covers a range of machining processes using many different materials, such as Forgings, Steel Castings, Engineering Bar, Tubes and profiles, We also have the engineering expertise in designing live tooling for specific major production runs. Capital investment over the last 2 years has exceeded £3m.
Single Items, Prototypes or large batches, we have a very fast turn around time due to the efficiency of modern machinery and up to date technology. Not forgetting the highly skilled workforce. Please contact us for any Sub-Contract work you may require, we guarantee our best effort to expedite your orders. See our Contacts page for sales and see how we can help you with your workload.
On Specification and On Time
Saddlers Court Continual Investment In Technology...
From a small sub-contract company, our company has diversified into a complete manufacturing solution for the medium/heavy engineering industry. The emphasis on machining will always be based solely on the expertise that is the foundation of the company, and that is, precision components. Thus leaving this department to concentrate on its continuing mission of its “Zero Defects” policy and to continue providing its invaluable skills and experience to the customer.
SaddlersCourt Mfg.
SaddlersCourt Mfg.
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Cost-Driven, Flexible Provider of Fabrications, Machining and Profiles
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