(c) Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd 2015
(c) Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd 2015
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Positional Accuracy The main function of our welding fixtures is to hold components of a sub assembly for the purpose of welding them together. Accurate positioning is critical to the success of the weld and the quality of the final position of each part.   Adjustability Material type changes, design modifications, and fluctuating production conditions affect the finished product. To ensure our fixtures remain usable and continue to produce quality parts we are dynamic and can accommodate these changes.   Process Controls Ensuring the presence and accurate positioning of all required components eliminates the potential for scrap and downtime caused by parts being welded together incorrectly. We ensure the proper positioning of the parts to be welded, and each fixture is inspected to eliminate the possibility of operator error.   Quick Change Ability Our welding fixtures can be designed to allow for quick changeovers to accommodate short run production environments. Quick disconnects are placed in strategic places and lifting eyes are built into the fixtures to allow for production changes in minutes - increasing our overall production time, reducing labour costs, optimising our production process and passing the cost savings to the customer.   Spatter Proofing Our jigs and fixtures are designed to minimize the effects of weld spatter and increase our uptime. Weld spatter can cause problems on production. Spatter can build up on surfaces preventing positive part location resulting in a mismatch in client-build tolerances.   Quality We design and build our weld fixtures to stand up to the demands of a long-term production- intensive lifecycle which helps us maintain compliance with clients build requirements.
Material types being joined in the weld process   The type of part loading / unloading required (automatic ~ manual)   Final part tolerance measurement requirement   Desired method of production (short run vs. large batches)
Our welding fixtures are designed specifically for each customer to ensure fabrication of components to a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. To plate parts successfully, each component must be positioned and held firmly in place during the plate or weld process and this must be done, reliably, again and again. Our best weld fixtures are designed taking into account:
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