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We provide a full sub-contract service for “Production Line Fabrications and Machined Components” with all parts through the supply chain manufactured in-house. Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd is a first tier supplier to OEMs  The market sectors that we trade in covers a broad spectrum from “Yellow Goods” to “Aerial Platforms”  Capital Annual Investment is a perpetual driver in maintaining low operating costs. New product introduction, project planning and an open book approach with our customers, has been fundamental to our continued success and growth since 1997. We work with several of our customers on “Long Term Agreements” thus providing stability and cost down. In-house engineering expertise is further, enhanced by sponsoring employees through university in gaining engineering degrees.  Quality: Saddlers Court Mfg Ltd is a certified to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and has proven experience in PPAP & ISIR submission. Our partnership with our major global steel suppliers enables us to provide price fixity, quality and the surface finish required in certain market sectors. Lean Manufacturing is part of our culture. Number of employees in excess of 100 Turnover in excess of £12m P/A
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Cost-Driven, Flexible Provider of Fabrications, Machining and Profiles

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Saddlers    Court    Mfg    Ltd,    have    been    trading    since    1997,    where    from    day    one    our    core business   objective   was   to   provide   all   our   customers   with   a   Cost   Driven   Flexible   Service,   along with   an   Open   Book   Approach.   This   objective   still   remains   fundamental   after   nearly   20   years of   trading   and   will   continue   to   be   the   foundation   of   our   success,   as   a   major   UK   provider   of “Production Line Fabrications and Machined Components”